Multihull designs bring a wider range of advantages to the marine experience compared to a monohull. Our catamaran hull has a smoother and softer ride even in the roughest seas. The tunnel between the keels pressurizes air and water developing a shock absorbing effect, reducing the impact with the vessel.  The catamaran reaches great efficiencies in lower and higher speeds.  Because of its design, at higher speed, the Catamaran is able to lift its weight on top of the waves and ride with less water friction creating a gliding effect

The catamaran allows a wider hull design and still a very smooth ride.  Catamarans can also be called the vessels where you can live in the light.  Because of its design, it provides a spacious social area at the same level as the cockpit allowing passengers to enjoy the marine activities and be more connected to the outside world.  Privacy is also enhanced because there are more areas where suites can be located separately.  Catamarans are designed thinking in comfort, safety and efficiencies.

We have added several premium suppliers to our list that keep the promise we have with our customers.  YachtCats are built using the IMO standards and the international classification society regulations.  We want our vessels to keep their value and become a great investment for our clientele.  Alexseal is used for our finishing topcoat adding value to your YachtCat and competing with the high end vessels in the market.  We also choose Interprotect 2000E to keep water from migrating into the hull laminate. Our hull shell is built using the vacuum bag laminating method and honeycomb core sandwich laminates are applied in most of the interior panels because it adds high material impact resistance, high dimensional thermal material stability, sound and thermal insulation but no weight.

We have made an important investment in design software. We want our customers to feel comfortable of meeting with the Designers and Engineers and describe exactly what their expectations are. 


Design of the hull geometric shape.


Verifies the hull´s static stability and damage behavior taken from a Maxsurf basic design concept.


Analyzes the behavior of a hull in different sailing conditions (virtual simulator). This program is applied after running Maxsurf and Hydromax


Facilitates the design and structure of internal reinforcements (stringers).


Calculates boat resistance with extreme speeds.


Designs additional external parts to the hydrodynamics, for internal distribution.  Creates 3D isometric and high speed custom project views.


Creates virtual high resolution renders of internal and external views of our custom boat.



 It doesn’t stop here, daily we test for new materials and processes.