Our Story

thumb Foto EmpleadosNavalCat Internacional S.A.S is a Colombian based company that manufactures fiberglass catamarans and offers consulting services  to match the unique requirements of the marine clientele.

The company has its origins in Publifibra S.A where in 1996, the partners and the engineers decided to start a boat building facility.  The catamaran type hull was the first choice because of the advantages offered through its multihull design.  After  more than 30 years of Fiber Reinforced Plastics and boating experience, the owner and founder gave his support to the initiative with some additional ideas.  Catamaran vessels are great because they allow a comfortable navigation.  YachtCat became the combination of comfortable and sleek, fast and versatile.

In 2007 the Company achieved first place in “Conquer USA”, a Government sponsored contest between 330 companies. The award recognized Publifibra for being innovative and for its technical contribution to the transportation industry . The recognition enabled the company to launch NavalCat and venture into the global markets.

NavalCat opened its operation in 2009. Today the Company is located in the Free Trade Zone of Rionegro, Colombia.  The commercial and trade advantages offered by the location are numerous. The pro international business agreements allows us to import high tech equipment and the best quality materials with no import tax. We strive to find the best processes, best team and best components to make best Catamarans. 

We want to empathize that we have a great team of designers, engineers and mechanical technicians with proven experience in their field and driven by high service standards.  Our team is willing to work with our customers  to customize their Cat.  Thanks to their professionalism, each Catamaran is unique.

Spanish, English, French, German and Portuguese speaking professionals are available to our customers.

Today we are committed to navigate the 7 seas with the comfort of a Cat.